Authentic Discipleship is an inter-denominational equipping ministry focusing on developing lay leaders for ministry within their church and work context.

Ministry values are drawn from three Biblical sources:

1. Imago Dei – understanding who we are as made in the image of God… this is the nature of Biblical revelation and the calling on humanity.

2. Imago Christi – understanding who we are as the image and presence of Christ… this is the nature of our Lord who is being formed within every indwelled believer by the power of the Spirit.

3. Missio Dei – understanding that all believers are conscripted as ministers of the Gospel to intentionally advance the mission of Christ to evangelize and make disciples.

Authentic Discipleship is an integrated threefold ministry:

1. Developing the Mind of Christ -- through Biblical Literacy - developing the hermeneutic practice of understanding the Scriptures through Bible Survey, and to communicate God's Truth effectively to others through life application.

2. Developing the Heart of Christ -- through Spiritual Formation - growing in love and intimacy with God and His people, and being a living example of the fragrance of Christ to our world.

3. Developing the Mission of Christ -- through personal leadership cultivation and missional directives - discovering God's calling and pursuing ministry giftedness.

The content found throughout this web site is intended to offer what we have experienced in our seminary level study and spiritual development, but in a non-academic environment. The materials are offered without cost and represent much of the fruit of our seminary experience. It is our hope and expectation that those who study these contents will experience a more expansive view of God, and a closer & more disciplined relationship with God.

These materials are in the ongoing process of development… as you investigate the drop-down tabs only the tabs with content uploaded will open. If the tab fails to open when clicked it means the content has not been added as yet. Please check back as we are regularly adding new content, but expect this process to continue for quite some while.

Thanks for exploring our site, we pray God's blessing on you as you pursue Him.