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Authentic Discipleship News – May 23, 2014

2014 has shaped up to be quite a year for our ministry…

In January John had the position and title of “Pastor” conferred upon him by the Missionary Church.  Definitely an exciting and yet humbling experience when you ponder the ramifications such a title entails.  Your prayers for wisdom and support are so encouraged as we move more confidently into the future.

In May we received notice that Authentic Discipleship has been adopted as a “Strategic Church Ministry” under the charter of the Missionary Church.  As a licensed 501-c3 non-profit, we now have the ability to accept tax-deductible gifts to support our ongoing ministry expenses as well as to support staff for growth and development.  It has always been our intention that Authentic Discipleship will remain as a free resource for developing discipling maturity, as we saw AD as a ministry and not a market enterprise.  However, we have also been aware of our limitations as a small self-supported ministry to engage a world-wide need for ministry resources.  As a non-profit we now have the ability to receive support through the Missionary Church, which will be a major help for us.  This is very exciting news and opens many doors to fruitful ministry for the years to come.

Authentic Discipleship is currently being employed all over the world by pastors, lay leaders, and disciplers as a resource for strengthening the faithful for ministry.  The genesis of these amazing developments was over a lunch meeting late in 2010 with the Western District Superintendent of the Missionary Church, and now we are definitely on our way!



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